UP-Bundelkhand Tourist Development

Jhansi 2004-2005 100acres

Commissioned to M:OFA in 2004, the project consists of reviving Jhansi,U.P abreast Madhya Pradesh with Betwa river abutting between the two. A booming tourism sector prevails in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh, a result of immaculately preserved and promoted rich cultural heritage of the state. Jhansi, too, on the other hand, doesn’t fail to enchant. The city has historically witnessed a stronghold of Bundela clan, an evitable art, literature and cultural influence bespeaks even in Present day Jhansi.

The Revitalization and Tourism development projects resounds a sole vision of connecting people and to remind them of their roots back. A sub conscious transpose is built, an undisrupted path, where one gets easily nudged to the bygone to savour its essence, and is then promptly returned into the present. Without emulating the past, the present is put forth in a way that a sense of relatability prevails.

Here, we have been given few sites to revamp which included Forts, Parks, Ghats and Palaces of historic significance among others. These are the spots that majorly cater to public realm, connecting them with the city they dwell in. The idea was to psychologically bring various beautiful aspects of the area, highlight them, making them pertinent to the context it snuggles in, and weave them with activities that spurs a sense of ‘Diverse Experiences’ among people and their places.