ITM School of Business

Gwalior 2009-2012 60000sq.ft.

The concept of the building design was to provide the sensitivity & solace in the midst of the state of the Art facilities much like those involved in the profession of International business & Financial Research. School of Business has its own building of 24000 sq. ft. area. which are well equipped with all the educational and technical facilities. The building is Eco-friendly and is harmonious with the surrounding of Aravalli ranges.

Designed for the hot and dry climate of Gwalior, the idea was to create shaded semi open spaces for student interactions. The use of the parasol roof and the stone jaaliwork protects the west facing building from the harsh summer sun drastically reducing the air conditioning loads. Seen as a statement from the highway NH-75, the over proportioned roof takes the functionality to define the style of architecture that is basic yet effective.