Dance School Moulin Rouge

Paris 2009 32000sq.ft.

The Rotating Red Windmill.

Floated as an International design competition where M:OFA stood runners up, the design through its metaphor of windmill in motion reveals 100 years of Moulin Rouge's vibrant & kaleidoscopic history. The Whirring motion flows through the dance school creating a vortex with a spiralling force similar to that of the dancers and the acrobats who have performed over the years. The forms, shaped and twisted by the blades of the windmill reinterpret the magic of Moulin Rouge reflecting the myriad movements of every performer on the minds of the viewer. Here, every user is looking at it or is being observed from various coordinates on the multiple concentric circles of this metaphorical windmill. The building makes an urban statement thereby retaining the iconography of the ‘red windmill’ that has become synonymous with the culture of Paris.