Gwalior 2006-2006 1.25acres

The idea for an open air amphitheatre located as a part of the ITM campus in Gwalior, started more of a performance arena at an institutional level. The site offered an undulation of levels on the three sides forming a clear valley for us to make the amphitheatre bowl sit well within. The capacity is for 3000 people.

The Challenge was posed by the client to complete the project within 55 days to mark the starting of a symposium and a visit by the President of India then. After that it took us more than 600 hours on the drawing board and more than 450 labourers working day and night to accomplish the job well within time. The cantilevered steel ‘Piano’ roof truss was custom designed as an artistic gesture to lighten the solidity of the entire form, provide a cover for the performing artists and hang sound and light equipment for a show.