MP State Men's Hockey Academy

Bhopal 2009-2011 101200sq.ft.

With an active contribution in the development of sports within the State of Madhya Pradesh, by the state government, an integrated campus for the development of various sports professionally was conceived in 2005 by the sports minister of state then.

The brief included a National Hockey Academy for Women, a Cricket academy for men, an indoor badminton stadium for International matches, basketball and volleyball courts along with the residential facilities for players. Needless to say since the main purpose of the campus was to develop sports, the starting point was to locate various sports fields in a North-South orientation as is the international norm, at the center of the 30 acre site.

Other buildings such as the Hostels for girls and boys occupied the two ends of the site with the indoor badminton stadium in the extreme south-east corner. Apart from the macro level planning, even at the non-professional level i.e., for the locals in Gwalior a jogging track, that circumvents all the sports fields and demarcated areas for encouragement of Yoga and aerobics was added so as to present a glimpse of the sports development within the city.