Monsoon 1

New Delhi 2013-2013 2100sq.ft.

Concept Monsoon in India has multiple connotations to multiple cultures. Some look at it as an onset of cool winds after the scorching summer heat and for others it represents the cleansing by those monsoon showers which clean to reveals the nature at its pure. Pure and unadulterated. It is this idea of the post monsoon shower washing out all the grime and what emerges is a cleansed sparkling, gleaming, rejuvenated feel that we tried to imbibe in the spirit of the interior spaces for the salons at Punjabi Bagh and Rajouri Garden in New Delhi for Monsoon salons. This concept is evident in the use of Materials , Recycled Shipping pellets , exposed RCC finish, Railway sleeper recycled wooden partitions epoxy floors, mdf cut walls, the trademark Jaali work created in MS laser Cut as sliding panels, the display shelf in MS and glass and beautiful use of brickwork to create seclusion for the hamaam and massage section atop a dry zen garden instantly transporting the customer miles away from the artifice of daily life and pollution into a natural haven for the senses.