Toni and Guy 1

Gurgaon 2012-2013 1600sq.ft.

The concept for the Gurgaon salon depicts the drama created by flowing tresses formed by ceiling suspended partitions out of laser cut MDF panels appearing to be held in various places with thin comb like louvers made of wood. It’s like a relationship between a hair stylist and the model held in suspended animation to create various spaces within the Salon.

The salon follows an open plan with the hair styling tables paired and sporadically spread within the main space. Each pair of the styling section is divided by ceiling suspended mirrors placed back to back, lit on the edges, that help giving a uniform lighting for the stylist. The LEDs spread in linearity across the ceiling conceal the edges of the panels and the mirrors. These along with the requisite spot lighting over the booths warm up the lit glass box against a dark backdrop. The play of light in the building during the day is such that the salon receives daylight throughout from its fully-glazed edge but is buffered by a service corridor running on the edge of the building untying the salon space from the building edge. This buffer is an innate fenestration tool of the building itself that has been intelligently used for day-lighting in the salon.