Nagpal Farmhouse

New Delhi 2003 8500sq.ft.

Gwal Pahari,  its introduction to us was, it is not a piece of land to be worked on but a land to be in love with. A house, which complements the bejeweled land, not rips it open. The project entailed multi-layered Challenges and opportunities, right from preserving its natural Rocky Strata, its multi layered topography to its Historical and Fascinating context of a dried Lake.

Located on the outskirts of Delhi on a linear undulating 2 acre land, the house was to imbibe in its design and function, natural resources and alternative energy/fuel. From Solar Energy, Water Harvesting and to become self sufficient. Since the site was divided linearly on two clear levels with a difference of more than 3 metres we utilized the natural rock retaining wall to our advantage. Thereby arrived the plan where the house clearly clung onto the natural cliff and we created natural drops all along the rock wall so that during monsoons the water would flow over the cliff get collected in the drops and subsequently channelized throughout the house. The construction was to be in locally available stone masonry with a  steel roof that would hover like a cloud creating a harmony between the earth below and the starlit sky above.