Delhi NCR 2010- 37500sq.ft.

The Head office of Delhi pollution Control Committee designed by M:OFA Studios, New Delhi, commissioned through a design competition, houses about 200 officials , scientists and a devoted work force responsible for making & implementing policies, research and formulating norms for keeping India’s capital Pollution free. The significance of this office in the larger context is an Affirmation of this purpose itself contributing towards a higher standard of living for the populace of Delhi State.

It was the understanding of this purpose and sustainability in the Indian context that became the core design parameters for the DPCC head office Building. As an example of what it preaches, here the building acts as an ‘Urban Sponge’ feeding on polluted air & water of its microclimate and gives out clean air & water back to the Environment much like the Aquatic sponge which feeds on bacteria and gives out nutrients and oxygen.

Multiple layers of philosophy, Technology, vision and function shaped the final design of the Building which will also host a permanent exhibition on Green Technologies and Innovations as an awareness drive in its Plaza and Exhibition Centre for the people to learn, percolate the information, implement and through osmosis benefit the social fabric ultimately.