Delhi NCR 2011 7500sq.ft.

The design proposal for a telecommunication giant called Quippo began in 2011.To design for a sector that is ubiquitous for its cutting edge approach, state of the art technology be it in terms of installation or distribution, the idea was to infuse these features into the interiors.

The fluid interiors appears to the eye as a whimsical world of telecommunication where transmission cables wraps themselves around defining certain spaces in the open plan, the amorphous monochrome ceiling with inbuilt led lighting tending a semblance with decadic dialling imparts a dramatic effect in which the pulses are accumulated sporadically in small chunks on the top and while transcending to the ground it forms a blizzard of pulses where it finally merges with the walls, juxtaposition of exhuberant red and yellow hues over the monochrome turning the space into a constant flow of uninterrupted work energy.