School of Agriculture

Gwalior 2015- 75000sq.ft.

The design of School of Agriculture has been integrated with contemporary systems which compliment the indigenous methods of crop cultivation with irrigation. The facade of the building is a false skin and resembles a vertical farm with modular plantation windows.

The school has been proposed in Adobes(mud bricks) and Recycled Wood(Pellet Wood). The volume of the building has been strategically planned to ensure that the earth collected during excavation shall suffice the need for Adobes to be prepared for construction. Compressed Stabilized Earthen Blocks shall be made on site whereas the Pellet Wood would be transported from the local factories. Another salient feature of the design is the inventory of materials employed for construction.

Most intriguing feature of the school is the Central Ramp which besides being the main feature of circulation, has been designed as a farm, especially to host horticulture experiments by the students. The Central Ramp also hosts student congregational activities, extending as the entry to the sunken amphitheater on one end.