ITM Global School

Gwalior 2013-2016 130000sq.ft.

With a brief to design a Global School, the main buildings are envisioned as three separate organic forms intersecting each other, tied together with a common curved wall. Design has been detailed with numerous playful spaces, even the flooring has patterns of board games, which the kids can identify and enjoy. Intent was to make a building with an open plan, porous facade and thick walls in South and South-West direction to create an effective thermal mass against the harsh sun, maintaining cool interior spaces.

Most unique feature of this project is the processing of all building material on the site itself. Compressed Stabilized Blocks and Precast Louvers with an effective mix of earth obtained in excavation were used in construction. Dholpur, a local stone that is obtained from the neighboring district of Dhaulpur, has been used for cladding.

The complete project is scheduled to come up by 2017 as a fully functional International School with Day-Boarding and Hostel facilities.