MP State Shooting Academy

Bhopal 2007-2011 130000sq.ft.

Located on the outskirts of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh; the project involves in creating a world class shooting academy for The Ministry of Sports & Youth Welfare. Based on International standards, the academy comprises of 3 individual ranges; 10m, 25m, 50m and a twin set of trap & skeet ranges.

The Concept was derived from the dynamics of undulating site and the functionality. Instead of creating oblivious blocks for various ranges we decided to create a flow of dynamic forms which merge, shoot-out and explode thereby creating a flow that tries to recreate the force field created by a shooting bullet from the pistol to the target.

In order to make the institution self sufficient towards the water requirement we created a 3.5 acre catchment basin. The water collected during the monsoons would serve the landscaping and the human requirement for at least 8-9 months a year, also  providing the required calm and serene water body essential for the shooters.