National Institute Of Water Sports

Goa 2011-2016 90000sq.ft.

Being one of its kind of an Institute in Asia the project has been designed to strive a dynamic relationship between the sports player and the sea through its architectural language and spaces.

Commissioned in 2010, through an International level competition organized by NIWS-GSIDC, Goa, the design brief stated the development of National Institute of Water Sports at Miramar, Goa as an Iconic building.

It is the articulation of this temporary yet adventurous moment or a passage in time between the surfers setting foot into the sea to setting foot out of it, which forms the Architecture of the Building. The building itself is a take off point wherein its sole function is to be a transitional link between the man and the sea. Here the Architecture is in constant motion being pulled into the sea from one side yet tied to the shore on the other. The building too is ever changing, rising and falling just like the waves of the sea that twist and knot every surfer into its folds. The Architecture here mentally transports man in the midst of the sea.