Noida 2006-2008 6500sq.ft.

The design for the Aman & Bina Mehra penthouse at NOIDA started off more as a thinking of a free mind much like the flowing blobs of paint over the canvas eventually, the functional cells making a co-existential relationship within the throbbing space. The house was acquired as a bare structure from the developer, from where we started adding various layers right from the services to the skins and surfaces. 

The vertical surfaces are constructed using the dry wall construction. The fluid walls, ceilings and the furniture pieces; the melting dining table, kids beds, are all created using layered plywood sheathed under a layer of Ferro-cement. The L.E.D. strips are used on the underside of the floating walls to act as floor markers in the night and also to enhance the layered ceiling in the master bedroom. As the house came with floor to ceiling continuous glass as an outer envelope to safeguard the interiors from the harsh sun, we also used shisham wood louvers which further created interesting shadow patterns over the doubly curved walls. Designing a house where not only the walls appear to be floating over the floors but, they also twist, turn and reshape to suit the functional requirements of the inmates reflected the fluidity of architectural philosophy, we practice in the studio.