Ghosal Residence

Noida 2005-2005 3500sq.ft.

The house for Ghosals was designed out of references and relationships formed in their lives. The brief was to identify and relate to that very warmth and their journey through times, textures and space. The biggest challenge for us lay in re-planning and converting a builder apartment into more customized free flowing fluid space that was not divided into too many rooms.

We began by converting one of the extra bedrooms at the entrance into a lounge connected with the living space. The completely boxed in kitchen was opened up and the floor of the adjoining dining space raised using polished sheesham wood platform to create an interface between the guests and the hosts who love entertaining their guests. The staircase from being a connecter was transformed into a transitional library with a morning lounge at the lower level and a study at top connected by a string of bookshelves to house Ghosals priced collections.

In our series of experiments with space and materials, we used old saris to freeze them in transparent epoxy tablets to become reminders of time at the entrance.  A wall of wicker (woven on site by craftsmen from Calcutta) with large copper reflectors became the life-size lampshades to bathe the living room into its mystic light during evenings.