Wadhwa Residence

Delhi NCR 2005-2005 1800sq.ft.

In client’s brief, the Wadhwas wanted their new house to be a clean white modern space with minimal furniture. The house was like creating an art gallery where every piece of furniture we designed had a story to tell. From there on started our experiments with space, combinations of modern materials like Corian and steel, acrylic and aluminum, sculpting ethereal forms and melting various curves to form a holistic “bliss”, that is what we referred to as ‘depths in white”.

At the entrance a pop-art cow created by us welcomes the guests. The floor is marked by a school of brown marble fish flowing over the off-white Italian marble and fusing into the Yin and Yang at the centre. From here the inlaid fish flow all over the house in and out of the various furniture pieces.

The entire house radiates the inner peace and sublimity that we seek in a world of chaos. Always searching for a soul within our designs; for as long as our creations radiate that positive energy, we consider our foray successful.