Pensieve ID 2014

New Delhi 2014-2014 800sq.ft.

Within the compound of NSIC ground at Okhla in Delhi it was during the Indian Design exhibition held on 14th till 16th of February 2014 that an experiential pavilion was proposed. The concept initiated from the basic idea of “fluid” thoughts.

Built out of recycled wood, this pavilion was based on the idea of unobstructed thoughts associated often with the children. The space was inspired from the hundreds of ruins that dot Delhi, where those incomplete broken stone walls with the overgrowth of years led us kids to play our imaginary games, where we spent hours playing outside...those impromptu picnics and immersed ourselves playing in the sand building our castles of creativity in our heads. This pavilion became a reminder of those simpler times, where the kids looked at the world beyond a 4 inch by 3 inch display screen in their hands.

By using 1200 recycled shipping crates stacked to formulate an organic composition where some of these were kept empty and some were filled with earth to become self sustained planters, along with 900 match boxes and 100 fiber optic fixtures which lit as people walked past. Also, solar powered furniture which lit as people sat on them. These were idea to create awareness amongst people about sustainability in design and their feasibility in public space.