Monsoon 5

New Delhi 2014-2014 1400sq.ft.

Red- The predominantly exhuberant hue of Monsoon is replaced with a grunge texture of exposed brickwork, timber made reclaimed shipping palettes and furnitures and painted MS shelves that appears to the eye as a slight illusion of being rusted if viewed from a considerable distance. While the Salons at Rajouri and Punjabi Bagh were designed in a way so as to exude a buzz through the use of Vibrant Color Red and design elements ideated about it to show the astounding drama that it creates, juxtaposition of various things one over the other exemplifying the culture and persona of the clientele pertinent to the areas. For the salons at Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon, we diligently strutinised the factors of respective context, clientele, spatial arrangement, material, textures, and lighting to augment the salon quality and work atmosphere. 

 The immensely weathered look of the exposed bricks with the muted plaster intersticed between them appears to be yearning for the showers.The bricks which are etched with the term monsoon on them, particularly better than the others, a result of burnishing the text over them, makes it evident that only monsoon could yield them the freshness which they’re longing for. The trumpets(Bhompoos)suspended from the ceiling lits the space with diffused red hue, an allegory which one could deciper as a danger, a desperate need of the showers to pour in and release the confines.

The Idea of an insatiablity behooves with the salon services while infusing similar lines of thought in the designing of the interiors.The selection of material is kept to its purest tone and form. A neat, abstracted and rusticly pronounced salon interior where a palette of bare essentials were introduced, keeping the fuss at bay.To keep undisrupted connection of the brand with its customers, extensive use of monsoon stenciled logo was done across the wooden pallets and other signages in the salon.