Monsoon 6

Gurgaon 2014-2015 1800sq.ft.

Contrary to the designing of Monsoon-Rajouri Garden where the interiors are dotted with splashes of color red juxtaposed with eclectic design elements popping out as a scene abuzz with life, the ideation for Monsoon Ambience was done in a way that we kept bare essentials, discarded the fuss, and came out with a more abstracted outlook, yet exemplifying the brand’s Identity.

The concept is born out of the idea of post monsoon effect after a course of scorching summer heat. The selection of material is kept to its purest tone and form. Red corporate color of Monsoon is averted and a fairly clean and neutral color palette is introduced in the interiors. Extensive use of wooden planks and exposed brick walls with controlled lighting plunges to relax the senses, serving as a sanctuary to pamper one outright. Back to back in-lit mirrors where artificial light is evenly washed to brighten up the atmosphere divides the space yet keeps it open and aglow.