Fab India

Noida 2005-2005 5000sq.ft.

India’s largest private platform for products made out of traditional techniques, skills and hand based processes, Fab India has emerged as a brand acknowledged for its unrivalled product quality, ‘No Advertisement Strategy’,consistent endeavouring to sustain rural employment by providing a base for the skilled  and immaculately preserving the traditional handicrafts. Operating at a Niche Market, the fab India stores are now briskly spreading across the globe to serve its selective customers.

The designing of the store at G.K was commissioned to M:OFA in 2005.The ideation for the store design is congruous to the brand’s philosophy- Keeping the roots in the traditional India. Just like the houses in villages where various spaces infuse into one another yet the function doesn’t crimp. We gave the store a homely outlook with a spatial arrangement akin to one.

The material vocabulary was kept rustic and pure. The hanging colorful rugs and blankets from the wooden shelves, the demurely laid stacking of clothes, the juxtaposition of various materials and textures one over the other, the furnitures made out of Bamboo dotted sporadically, the play of monochromatic upholstery against the slightly blingy cushions and fabrics in the backdrop, all adds a certain vivid dimension to the Interiors.The use of ceiling suspended spherical steel framed lamps covered with monochromatic skywood fabric adds a disarming warmth to the space while evenly lighting the atmosphere. As it is a human tendency to touch and feel every fabric that entices the gaze, the space is designed in a way that the major floor space can be utilised  for movement along the stacks and the display areas leaving  the floor uncluttered. The earthen pots in the main display with dried straws straws popping out and some containing colorful rolled  fabrics, all appears to the eye as one is transported to a traditional Indian village.