White Lounges GPI

Multiple Cities 2003-2007 1200sq.ft.

Taking the issue to curb public smoking effectively, Godfrey Philips of India came up with a brand campaign  of ‘WHITE’: that included separate zones for smokers at the Airports and Malls across India. With the increase in footfall both at the airports and malls the brief was to create a space that would create a world of mutual respect between the smokers and the non smokers.

We developed a definite program along the concept, where we followed a strategy of not just providing a separate cubicle for smokers, but to create a comfortable lounge experience equipped with facilities like Broadband internet connection, mobile charging units, ashtrays as part of the furniture  and world class ionizers to  filtering in  the fresh air.Everything customized, right from light fixtures, furniture and other related accessories created a signature brand ‘WHITE’ emphasizing on the policy of mutual respect and a high class lounge space for the users.