Aearth Resort

Naggar 2007-2016 18000sq.ft.

Aearth Resort at Naggar, near Manali, Himachal Pradesh draws its inspiration from the local architecture of Manali with its use of slate walls, pine wood windows and sloping roofs. The design is contemporary yet indigenous at the same time.The project is divided in two parts; its cottages designed as biomorphic pods emulate ant hills on a slope whereas, the main resort building strikes a harmonic balance between the traditionally inspired architecture with an organic roof unfolding all over it.

The Main building that comprises of the reception lounge, the restaurant, art gallery with bar and the spa has been designed to build around the existing pine trees on site conspicuously carving an entrance between the existing tree cluster. As stated clearly by Manish, "Nature was here before us...and will remain here even after us, we are just the temporary tenants who not only have to understand the importance of its elements but have to humbly respect them... as every touch of fresh breeze provided by mother nature here brings life to every ounce of this place.”