Omaxe City Club 2

Lucknow, U.P. 2007 35000sq.ft.

Within the contemporary realms, the club houses in the Indian urban context break away from the Imperialistic notion of a British clubhouse and are redefined to put together the complexities of the democratic India. The spaces here overlap for multifunctional purposes and our design for the Lucknow club is one such experiment. On a wedge shaped site we decided to design a club that acts as a throbbing organism where the character of the space transforms as per the immediate use for it.

Moving away from the rhetoric of pre-defined spaces we envisaged a ‘Play tube’ at the second floor level where various entertainment activities right from an intimate library, a gaming alley, snooker, card room and a mini theatre occur in a continuous undivided space and temporary screens are pulled to subdivide as per the requirement. The ground was left for the mass public gatherings in the form of banquet and conference spaces. The swimming pool was placed on the first floor level along with the gymnasium, saloon and the spa facilities. Tied together by the flowing sets of mass we placed temporary residential facilities towering up beyond the third floor for a privacy of a residential life.