New Delhi 2013-2013 1700sq.ft.

Practicing architecture and designing for 11 years, we spoke about Green buildings, out of the box ideas, our vision and philosophy for years with our clients. Some understood, some didn’t. Some questioned, other pondered! So when we designed our own studio space it was to do and not talk about what we believed in.

Completely made from recycled products, the architect’s office, M:OFA Studios stands for everything, we practice. Planned in an open office format wherein interactions are encouraged; ideations and working with textures/models are greatly emphasized upon. When we look around and see an environment inspiring us and living out our beliefs, the conviction to do that and more just permeates all around and in all the works.

A live portfolio, with each step walked inside the office, one sees philosophies being manifested. From old shipping crates to light fixtures made out of old gramophone speakers, recycled furniture, our library and a display of exhibition models around, all stand for Sustainability and that spaces and design count far more than just expensive- non contextual materials.