Delhi Daredevils

Delhi NCR 2013-2014 3200sq.ft.

Founded in 2008, Delhi Daredevils is a cricket franchise representing the city of Delhi in the Indian Premier League. In 2014, they went in for a complete image makeover, not only were all the old players replaced with new players but, a new logo was launched. The new logo, that is formed by fluid curves representing a kite soaring high in other connotation also represents the spirit of cricket in a jam packed stadium of a ball hit hard by the batsman in a fluid stroke soaring high across the boundary for a six.

Keeping the new brand image in mind, the office is planned as a youth oriented semi-formal open plan with multiple overlaps between working and meeting areas. The idea was to blur the lines between work-play-meet spaces in order to get the sporting energy vibe throughout the office. Apart from a formal conference room meant for sponsor meetings, we introduced two more meeting areas. One near the reception as an informal discussion/ ideation space that could be reorganized in multiple configurations and the other space called “the think tank lounge” as an ideal ‘work-play-meet’ space.